Steph + Brent

We are Brent + Steph, a husband + wife photo

and cinema duo.We like to keep things simple,

have fun and make people laugh.We are high

school sweethearts and best friends,

we love pizza (but c’mon who doesn't),

the ocean, and our cute cat named boots. 

"but you know thats not all that this love is

about, sometimes it’s a whisper when you feel

you could shout or just being around when

others have gone, or about letting go when

you want to hold on, it’s about living life

with such strength and emotion and knowing

that waves are just part of the ocean and

that ocean that ocean goes on for forever

 just like the love that has brought us

together "

an aweseome book of love 

-dallas clayton

Our Approach

The fact that you’ve landed here is pretty awesome, with so many photographers/cinematographers out there to research, we feel really lucky to have grabbed your attention.

For us, the day is truly about the two of you joining your lives together and the commitment you’ll make to one another. We focus on the love and joy you’ll share with not only each other but your family and friends who mean so much to you. We believe less is more and won’t take over your wedding with our equipment. We like to blend in to the point that you don't notice us as vendors anymore but instead like old friends that happen to be capturing some of your most cherished moments. When you look at your wedding photos and film you should be reminded of how your day felt, as well as how relaxed and comfortable you felt in front of the camera.

Just like falling in love, if you feel an instant connection to our work, we would love to chat with you about your wedding and get to know you better!