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Trust is one of the most important things when it comes to finding the right photographer/cinematographer. When you feel comfortable and trust the person capturing your day the more at ease you will be and the more geniune your photos and film will be. 


Posing in front of the camera for the first time can seem daunting and being natural is easier said than done. To keep "poses" as natural as possible, don't be afraid to interact with each other, laugh and enjoy the moment. We will guide and direct you as much as possible so that you'll naturally move into a pose instead of just being placed in one. Which will result in more genuine and candid photos and film.



Photography and Cinematography packages start at $3500 each. If you book both photo and cinema we do offer a discount. We would love to chat with you more about your wedding and create a package that fits your needs, email us for more detailed pricing!

Photo + Cinema F.A.Q

Cinema F.A.Q

Can you explain your style?

Our approach to editing is to convey what it felt like to be at the wedding instead of just showing what it looked it. The highligh film is what you will watch over and over again, they are easy to watch and include all the best parts of your day edited to a 3-5 minute song. We also like to incorporate real super 8mm film into the film which gives a nostalgic vibe!

Do I need two cinematographers?

It really depends on the timeline of your day, we'd love to chat with you and determine if you need two or not. Typically for church ceremonies we require two cinematographers.

Can we add on documentary edits after the wedding?

You sure can! We film everything in its entirety, just incase you decide to add it after the day has flown by. 

Who picks the highlight film song?

We license the music we use for the highlight films to avoid any copyright issues. The songs we find are usually by artists you may not have heard of before, which is really cool because it's not a song that you've heard a million times before or that you already have a feeling or memory tied to. Instead you'll focus more on the moments than the music. 

We have had some couples in the past that had their heart set on a song, we can always reach out the artist and see if it would be possible to liscense their work. Let us know and we can give you more details! 

How long does it take to receive the highlight film?

Since we shoot parts of the video on super 8mm film, we have to wait for that to be developed and scanned before we can start editing your video. Right now our turnaround time is about 3 - 4 months! 

Do you include vows or toasts in the highlight film?

We don't.  Our style is a more fast paced and fun, including all of the best parts of the day and vows or toasts dont seem to blend well with that. However you will get your vows/toasts etc. in the documentary edits! 

Photo F.A.Q

How many photos can we expect from an 8 hour day?

The average is about 700! Some receive more, it all depends on how much time we have for portraits!

Do we get the print rights to the images?

You sure do! You'll be able to download all your photos from the online gallery and print anywhere you'd like. We would also be happy to suggest a few places!

Can we buy albums after the wedding?

Yep, you'll be able to purchase albums and prints through the online gallery! 

Do you work with a second shooter?

You can add a second shooter to any package if you'd like! It comes in handy to have 2 shooters when I can't be in two places at once! 

Are all the images edited?

They are, all of them! We like our style and wouldn't want to give you anything less!

When will we receive our photos?

Two weeks after your wedding you'll receive an email from us with your online gallery of edited photos!

We love the candid style, but will you also take family formals?

Of course we will, your family is important! We try to spend 10-15 minutes at most on family portraits so that everyone can enjoy cocktail hour!

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